About us

About Us

Specialist in Construction Training NVQ qualification

Samad Solutions Ltd was established 9 years ago and proudly offers more than 40 years combined experience in the construction and building industries. Here at Samad Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on our portfolio of learning interventions ranging from a comprehensive catalogue of bespoke construction training courses to employer led training courses.

At Samad Solutions Ltd our passion for developing pioneering and effective solutions has led us to integrate years of solid experience with innovative approaches and technical creativity to produce courses with ‘real-world-focused’ learning creating a professional streamlined experience directly fitting the needs of our corporate clients.

Who we are

Samad Solution Ltd are a construction Industry supplier delivering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and training to meet health and safety compliance.

We work with companies to up skill workers and provide comprehensive advice and guidance to ensure you receive high-quality construction courses to boost candidates career prospects. Although we are based in Leyton, our NVQ training courses are conducted through onsite visits, so there’s no need to sit in a classroom and it can be completed throughout the UK.